TypeConversion Time
Single to single signal case 4-5 HRS
Single or double to a high double signal case 5-7 HRS
Single or double signal case to a 6 x 6 bungalow 6-9 HRS
Any size bungalow to any size bungalow 12-16 HRS

***All conversions are done without disconnecting any wires***
***Trains are free to run since signals are operational***

What is included...

  • 1.  A complete case or bungalow in kit form for assembly on site.
  • 2.  The kit also contains specific tools to facilitate conversion, plus extra hardware,
  •      gaskets, anchors.
  • 3.  The kit is shipped in a water repellent box with parts packed in order of installation.
  •      When conversion is complete, the box can be re-used for the old parts and debris for
  •      easy disposal and transportation.
  • 4.  Technical assistance provided on job site for the first conversion.

One of the features of these conversions is that if the front of the case was initially facing the track,
it can be rotated 180 degrees so that the front of the case will be facing away from the track upon
conversion. A definite safety feature!

Only 3 workers are needed for the conversion: 1 for security/contact with train controller and 2 to
do the actual conversion.

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