S & C Rail Solutions Inc is the creation of Paul Pellin, the inventor of a “patented” Signal Case Replacement System for Railway infrastructures which dramatically reduces the cost of replacement or expansion of signal cases and bungalows.

The system permits replacement of a deteriorated signal case in as little as four hours without the
need to disconnect electrical relays or circuits. By using this process, trains travel freely on the affected tracks while the work is underway and the elements of risk and expensive track slowdowns are completely eliminated.

Mr. Pellin has assembled a team of experienced professionals in his company to promote and support the demand for this system which is currently garnering interest from major railways in North America and Europe as well as suppliers who service the railway industry.

Railways facing the challenge of implementing Positive Train Control in accordance with time frames stipulated by regulation, will be particularly interested in this system to fulfill their obligations on a timely basis.

S & C Rail Solutions Inc, welcomes all enquiries and commits to respond to them in a timely manner.

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